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At oceans, in the air or on ground whenever one wants to reach, it is impossible to chalk a way unless the current position is correctly determined, and the voyage of education is not an exemption at all! Thus, an assessment of qualification is essential before attempting to acquire admission in any of the universities abroad. J.A. Enterprise Study Abroad Program does not only offer admission at prominent universities of Dubai, UK, Canada and USA but also help you evaluate potential for achieving your desired goals and guides you in the selection of appropriate courses and degrees so that no time, effort and money of your is wasted in experimenting any speculative approach. Our counseling services help you at every stage and step and choose the right option of studying abroad which include selection of courses on the basis of qualification, choosing the most appropriate universities, availing of merit scholarship and planning for most economical travel and stay. At JA Enterprise we are here to serve and guide you in your best interest taking into account your strengths as well as weaknesses so that you are placed in the most suited course and institution.

Our Mission

To give students proper guidance and vision to Set and Achieve their desired goals through making wise decision for their future by opening the doors to broaden their access to Education.

Our Vision

To get the reputation of one of the top reputed campaigner in the field of international education for best guidance and help to clients for successful Future.

Our Aim

To match individual students with  appropriate educational establishments that will they develop and flourish; ultimately achieving academic success.

Who we are

We are a new start up student guidance agency based in Karachi Pakistan.  We have an in-depth understanding of the academic framework of Pakistan and understand the importance of aligning the student with the appropriate learning establishment to ensure a mutually beneficial outcome.

Our expertise

Our expertise is backed by 30 years of interacting with school and university level students in Pakistan.  Unlike many other student agents, this experience has provided us with an unparalleled understanding of the Pakistani education system and how it influences the learning culture of a student.  Together with this local expertise we have a UK-based Russell group university advisor that has current knowledge of international student recruitment and the admissions requirements of institutes of Higher Education.

We offer

To match students with quality internationally renowned institutes and provide a comprehensive application service to ensure the applicant has addressed and achieved all requisite documentation for admission.   As an agent we provide Institutions with thoroughly assessed genuine students who are capable and motivated.

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